Saturday, September 25, 2010

Designing our EPS History Survey

We are all interested in history and the topic we chose to study was first, the ANZACS and, second, all the ways New Zealanders have served their country in wars.

Our main focus is preserving history and memories. We got interested in finding out how many of our school families have been personally touched by war through relatives serving their country. So we made a survey so people can go on the survey at home and fill in the blank spaces for each question. This is our way to sustain and preserve memories. (Thank you to Ms J our ICT whiz who helped us.)

You can follow this link and go on our survey:
The Survey is on our School webpage called Preserving History:How Kiwis have served our country since World War 1. 

We invite you to add your relatives stories so we can get a better understanding of how memories of such important sacrifices are preserved and why this might be important. We need lots more stories on the survey so we can look at the data and make some conclusions.

Some of the things we wanted to find out were:
  • if relatives survived the war
  • how families remember their relatives and preserve their memories
  • how to use the graphs the computer automatically makes for us and draw conclusions
Thank you for helping us if you can.
(TW & AB with editing by SH)

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